Cherries n Cream

by Honey Bunny

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released June 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Honey Bunny Florence, Alabama

Beats n jams n

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Track Name: ouija
So let me tell you a story
About two boys on the floor
Right hand on the ouija board
The other pointed at the Lord
Tryin to discover something real...
Trying to discover something real
oh when the clock had turned 7
oh when the clock had turned 7
A long black figure came up through the hills
I got the answer to your question
them boys where caught by suprise
they couldn't believe what they saw with their eyes
he took em by the hand said boys you understand
"Im the one you should fear..
i must of lived a 1000 years
I must of cried a 1000 tears
I've been through it all so you know who to call
when you want to discover something real"
Track Name: They 4got
they 4got all about me
im doin fiiiinne
so good
i forgot what it feels like
Track Name: Big Fish
theres a big fish a comin
and hes coming around the bend
and he wants to take us with him
on a journey beyond our land
and i have no time
and i have no time
theres a big fish a comin
and hes coming with a friend
and this friend that we speak of
has a pistol in each fin
and i have no time
and i have no time
Track Name: Fires of Love
up in the hills not too far away lies a cold cold snake
i asked her for poor advise
quickly did i pay the price cause man she looked so fine
she looked like she could use some bad company
and another bottle of black wine
"you cant see the future, only me .
i am before your time"
oh the fires of love

oh that gypsy woman cast o spell on me that every man i shall meet
will have heart o glass and eyes o fire
wedded he would be
oh the wind and the rain started shouting my name
i didnt want to go inside
the flames got higher
her eyes i desired cause man she looked so fine
oh the fires of love
Track Name: Sleepwalkin'
i rode my board to the nearest gas station
slushies are only 99 cents
thats a deal that i couldnt resist
cause im sleepwalkin alone
when i got to the counter i took it too far
i said you can have my head you can have my heart
just hand me over that zero bar
and no one will get hurt this time
cause im sleepwalkin alone
its not so bad
Track Name: Hey Phantom (hey mickey)
oh phantom you so so fine you blow my mind hey phantom...hey hey hey.phantom
oh phantom you so so cool you know you rule..hey phantom..hey hey hey phantom